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Expert Witness in Medico Legal Cases

Our goal is to assist clients, their legal advisors and the Courts to better understand the unique aspects of medical evidence in individual cases, so that they can make more informed decisions.

Mr. J.W. Rodney Peyton OBE is internationally highly regarded as an accomplished consultant trauma surgeon, author and trainer with a longstanding commitment to surgical education.

Rodney Peyton

Medical Negligence Expert – Rodney Peyton

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Speakers include:

  1. Rodney Peyton

  2. Ben Chai

  3. Charlie Dombek

  4. Paul Finck

  5. Tomar Sapir-Spitkowski

  6. JT Foxx



Mr. J.W. Rodney Peyton OBE is internationally highly regarded as an accomplished consultant trauma surgeon, author and trainer with a longstanding commitment to surgical education, and a proven track record of pro-activity in developing and implementing both clinical and training initiatives.

He has been involved in medico-legal reporting and court appearances as an expert witness since 1983, and is a founding member of the Expert Witness Institute. He has an expanding role in providing an independent expert opinion in cases of potential medical negligence.
As well as his original medical degree, an MSc in Medical Education and Law degree, Mr. Peyton's almost peerless list of academic distinction includes:


  • FRCS Edinburgh 1977

  • FRCS Ireland for services to victims of trauma and developing the ATLS System in the Irish Republic 1993

  • FRCS England (by election) for services to Surgical Education in the UK 1995

  • FRCP London for services to Medical Education (in Northern Ireland region) 1997

  • PGDL, College of Law, London, 1999

  • Appointed Miller Professor of Surgery, University of Johannesburg 2001

  • Werner Korte Gold Medal for services to German Surgical Education 2002

  • International Development Advisor, Royal College of Surgeons, England (Tutor since 1994,
    Principal Tutor for Faculty Development 2003-2008)

  • Medal of the Swedish Surgical Society for services to medical education 2005

  • FRCS Glasgow for international services to medicine 2008

  • Rudolf Pichlmayr Medaille of the German Surgical Society


Responsible for the development of appraisal and assessment workshops on behalf of the Royal College of Surgeons, his best-selling book Appraisal & Assessment in Medical Practice offers a practical guide for all involved in setting up and running appraisal/assessment systems in a medical environment.

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An Excellent Sounding Board

Rodney has provided me with large numbers of Medico Legal Reports since 1993. He is always available for advice and is an excellent sounding board. His reports are first class, good value for money and the quick turnaround is very important in my line of work. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rodney as I find him absolutely first class.

Robert Murtagh, Senior Partner, Robert Murtagh & Co



Below is a selection of Medical Negligence Expert Rodney Peyton's video presentations and interviews.



Mr. Peyton has been writing published articles since the early 1980's, and has edited, co-authored and authored numerous titles since then. His books are now available to buy direct from this website, with videos and audio clips soon becoming available. 

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