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Please thank Mr Peyton for his expert help in Court last week.  The Crown have now withdrawn their prosecution. 
Paula Guest, Executive Case Progression Officer, Patterson Law, England


Mr Peyton has provided me with many excellent, logical, clearly articulated expert medical reports all within a short period of time and at a cost proportionate to the matters in issue. He is available to attend Trial when required and always advises if there is a potential conflict of interest. He acts in an open, honest and inclusive manner, upholding professional ethics and values.

Denis O'Sullivan Solicitor, Cork, Ireland

I have been getting reports from Rodney in large numbers now since 1993. All the reports are to the point and pin point the areas of injury.He is always available for advice and is an excellent sounding board for ideas on progression medically of the case. His reports are first class, good value for money and quick to get which is very important in my line of work. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rodney as I find him absolutely first class.

Robert Murtagh, Senior Partner, RRM & Co Law Limited 

I have been instructing Rodney Peyton for over 20 years in private practice. Rodney provides a service way beyond his remit by providing the instructing Solicitor with background, research and specific one to one advices that no other medical legal professional in my experience provides in this field. His reports are treated with such deference by defence Solicitors and their insurance companies that the client obtains maximum benefit from their claim. I have yet to experience any direct defence challenge to his reports which are always exhaustive, concise and illuminating.

Jarlath Faloon, Principal, Faloon & Co Solicitors, Dungannon


Mr Peyton's input was invaluable, in particular his hugely comprehensive report as well as several detailed telephone consultations which were most helpful to us in better understanding the complex issues involved. His incisive and easily understood reasoning, was instrumental in facilitating an early and satisfactory outcome for the client.

Fergus Dunleavy & Co Solicitors, Dublin

I have dealt with Mr. Peyton over the last number of years on a continuous basis. He has been nothing short of superb in all the dealings I have had with him. He gets straight to the point in all the cases I have sent to him and never gets it wrong. Not only are his medical reports excellent but he is also a great sounding board if you need to run things by him as the case progresses. He takes a real interest in the cases. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as I find him by far the best consultant to deal with in medical negligence cases.

Mark Tiernan, Tiernan & Co.Solicitors, Dublin

Mr Peyton's professional services are retained by the Medical Negligence Unit of the Legal Aid Board and he is our most esteemed independent medical expert on all matters relating to medical legal related case work.

Margaret O'Shea Grewcock, Managing Solicitor, Medical Negligence Unit, Dublin, Ireland


HSE Dublin North East engaged Consultant Surgeon Mr Rodney Peyton to undertake an independent review into aspects of clinical practice in the area. This review process involved a series of meetings with all key stakeholders which included patients and/or their relatives, clinical staff, hospital management and external agencies such as the Colleges and Unions. The process was extremely well managed and Mr Peyton secured the confidence of all participants. The review was conducted in a fair and transparent manner and HSE DNE is grateful to Mr Peyton for the independent report and recommendations provided.

Dermot Monaghan, Health Service Executive Dublin North East, Ireland

We believe that your presentation has contributed to support and understanding of appraisal & assessment in our hospital. We have had a lot of positive response according to your presentation. Once again, that you very much for your efforts!

Geesje Hemmes, geriatrician
Marc Govaert, surgeon
Arjen Verboom, paediatrician
Karin Verhoef, policy officer
Westfriesgasthuis, Holland

I would like to thank you personally for assisting our health service in the numerous ways you have done. The outcome is positive and this has in a major way been due to your skilful handling of the work that you undertook on our behalf.

Dr. Philip Crowley, National Director, Quality & Patient Safety, Health Service Executive, Ireland

The staff members in Sittard are still talking about your (appraisal) course. It was a great experience for them and for us. I look forward to you visiting us again in Maastricht

Albert Scherpbier, Scientific Director, Institute for Medical Education, Maastricht, Netherlands



"Mr Peyton's seminar on "Whiplash - Myth or Reality" was the best seminar I was ever at".

Claire Demelas, Crown Solicitor's Office

The feedback regarding the lecture was excellent - everyone seemed to think it and you were wonderful.

Briege Williams, Belfast Solicitors Association

Rodney many thanks for delivering the Medical Mistakes and Whiplash seminars as part of the recent Northern Ireland Solicitors' CPD programme. I am delighted to say that all of the written feedback from the attendees was excellent, and I have received verbal feedback which was also very complimentary. The participants enjoyed not only the pertinent content but also the very professional delivery style. We are already taking bookings for next year for these seminars and for the Power of Persuasion seminar which you delivered jointly with Lynne.

Alan McKelvey, McKelvey Associates Ltd, Belfast


Just to say that “everyone remembers a good (great) teacher”… I shall remember you! 
Thank you very much indeed for two enlightening days in Berlin!
Joerg Larsen, Chief of Radiology and Neuroradiology, Helios Health Group, Berlin

Mr Rodney Peyton is teaching doctors all over the globe in the art of clinical teaching. There is a great demand for his excellent Training the Trainers courses, above all in Europe where countries and doctors are queuing up to invite him to their places. We have had the great privilege to have him at Practicum – Lund Clinical Skills Centre in Lund, Sweden ( for more than ten occasions. This has certainly been conductive to the improved quality we have observed among our clinical educators during recent years. My recommendation is that you line up and ask him to come to your spot on earth as well. It will certainly pay off.

Ingemar Ihse, MD PhD FRCS FACS(hon), Emeritus Professor of Surgery, Skåne University Hospital, Sweden

I have worked in the field of surgical education with Mr Peyton for over 20 years, initially as President of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland and then as President of the Royal College of Surgeons. His outstanding achievements in delivering "Training the Trainers" courses within the UK and worldwide have been recognised with the award of the OBE, the Gold Medal of the German Surgical Society and the Swedish Surgical Society Medal.

Lord Ribeiro Kt, Past President, Royal College of Surgeons of England

Mr Peyton was, in my opinion, the single most important talent and driving force behind an astonishing improvement in the quality of surgical training brought about by many innovative education courses, which have been copied by many other institutions throughout the UK and abroad.

Professor Richard Canter, Professor of Surgical Education, University of Oxford, UK

Over the last 5 years we have been very fortunate that he has agreed to deliver extensive training programmes to surgeon examiners who are themselves at the top of their profession in the UK and elsewhere in the world. I can confirm, beyond doubt, that his extraordinary talent is acknowledged by those examiners fortunate enough to have been trained by him.

Dr Adrian Woodthorpe, Head of Examinations and Assessment, Royal College of Surgeons of England

Mr Peyton is well known throughout Europe as the founding father of the teaching courses in medical resident training. He introduced these principles to Dutch surgeons and introduced them in lots of hospitals in the Netherlands.

Dr AGM (Ton) Hoofwijk, Head of Teaching Department, Orbis Medisch Centrum, Sittard, Netherlands

Mr Peyton has been the honoured guest of this department on several occasions in South Africa and is regarded as a consummate surgeon............but is really known and universally respected for his talent in teaching, and was the prime mover of "teaching how to teach" programmes, now taught in many institutions worldwide.

Professor K D Boffard, Professor and Clinical Head, Department of Surgery, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Mr Rodney Peyton is both an extraordinary surgeon and inspirational educator, whose exceptional skills have elevated him to the top of his field. His work has brought enormous value and extraordinary scientific reputation to the Institute.

Dr George Alevizopoulos, Director, European Surgical Institute, Germany

Mr. Peyton is an exceptional educator, and was successful in relaying much needed information to members of my faculty. The course was complete, educational, and of substantial value to us as surgical educators. Your College is fortunate to have a dedicated and talented individual in Mr. Peyton. His skills as a trainer of trainers was most evident.

Richard M. Bell, MD, FACS Professor and Chairman, Department of Surgery, University of South Carolina, USA

Mr Peyton introduced "Training the Trainer" courses in the Netherlands and later developed courses in "Appraisal and Assessment", a method used to assess and evaluate medical doctors, nowadays an important aspect of medical practice in our and other countries. He has been of great importance to many countries in both the West and the East to enhance surgery and medical education.

Professor Onno T Terpstra, Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands

Training the Trainers is a must for all educators in any professional situation. The course syllabus gives background and tools that are applicable in most situations of daily teaching activities. You would be surprised to find how much you learn about yourself! Mr Peyton gives substantial personal flavour to the course.

Kerstin Sandelin MD FRCS FACS, Institutionen för molekylär medicin och kirurgi, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Mr Rodney Peyton is one of the most eminent clinicians in his field in the UK, and his contributions have been recognised by many UK Medical Royal Colleges, including our own. He has the highest professional standards of probity and professionalism.

Mr Ian Anderson, President Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, Scotland

Thank you for your contribution to our international study day in Dublin – you certainly finished the proceedings in style and gave our delegates a wonderful finish. I look forward to working with you again.

Tim Scott, Senior Fellow, British Association of Medical Managers, UK

Thank you for doing one of the best and most rewarding courses I have ever experienced. The course taught me more than you first would imagine.  The hard facts was important but the soft parts gave the most. Dr Peyton and Dr Sandelin shared their knowledge and vulnerability and succeeded making me understand that choosing the way of "aware vulnerability" is the right way to lead and teach.

Jonas Leo, tf Sektionschef, Stockholm, Sweden

Mr Peyton has a vast experience of clinical work as a surgeon both in warfare and during civilian work. This makes it possible for him to communicate on equal and transparent terms with anyone within the medical society. Reviews of his courses given in Sweden indicate that participants feel they are the best courses of any category they have attended so far!

Dr Michael Ullman, Department of Orthopaedics, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Two days after your course I was planned to lecture for four hours to the ambulance helicopter staff. Just to let you know: I re-planned my sessions according to what I learned from you and started with an MCQ, asked for the particiants' goals (and made sure to cover them all), used poster dating - and I occasionally sat down! I love teaching but this was probably my best teaching experience ever, and the response from the participants was very positive. So again many thanks!

Younis Khalid, Gothenburg, Sweden

It was a pleasure to meet you and be educated by you. It is amazing how a short encounter can make a big change. You have motivated me and I shall strive to learn more.

Dr. S. Radhakrishna, London, UK

Mr Peyton is an extraordinary talent as a surgeon and an educator, and these paired with his exceptional social competency have taken him to the very peak of his profession. His contribution to teaching and surgery are celebrated in Britain and throughout the world.

Dr Juergen Brenner, Managing Director, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Europe

I have personally worked with Mr Peyton for almost 20 years. His unique talents and abilities as a surgeon and educator have taken him to the top of his academic field, celebrated throughout Britain, Ireland and the wider world.

Professor Michael Larvin, National Director of Education for the Royal College of Surgeons of England

I just wanted to say a big thank you as it would have been extremely difficult if you had not been able to get there. It would probably have meant cancelling the course which would have been awful. Unfortunately I quite regularly see people who don't want to make the effort to do things both in clinical practice and medical education. Hearing that you had come almost on foot from Ireland to educate was brilliant!

Ros Roden, Consultant - Emergency Medicine, ATLS® Steering Group - Chair, London, UK


Having known him for more than 30 years, I am uniquely placed to affirm the extraordinary abilities of Mr Peyton in terms of his clinical practice, educational activities and his international standing as a speaker and educator, having developed educational courses which are run in every continent throughout the world.

Professor Jennifer Adgey, Emeritus Professor of Cardiology, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Mr Peyton is an inspirational international speaker on trauma and educational issues and is also recognised as an authoritative author. He has published widely in peer review journals on the clinical aspects of trauma management and the vital issue of teaching and training of surgeons for the future.

Mr William E G Thomas, Consultant Surgeon and Member of Council, Royal College of Surgeons of England

I wanted to thank you again for your efforts during the last week. It was a pleasure for all of us to have you at ESI and you did a tremendous job. I really do hope you enjoyed your time as well and I am very much looking forward to seeing you all again in October. Special thanks for your very useful feedback to my presentations. I really did appreciate this very much and I had a lot of fun too.

Astrid Künemund, Johnson & Johnson MEDICAL GmbH, European Surgical Institute

I have enjoyed Mr Peyton's presentations, and found them to be captivating, inspiring and intensely practical to facilitate learning. His content can be utilised in multiple settings to facilitate learning within an organisational setting.

Dr Paul Hannah, Psychiatrist Indiana, USA

Mr Peyton showed me how negative feedback can affect my body on a physical level. His teachings were invaluable for me in establishing positive environments and feedback in the workplace.

Susan Bishop, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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